Comfortable and beautiful ...

Insulated windows with shade providing shutters

High ceilings throughout the house (typical for the Canary Islands)

Air conditioning in bedroom 1


Wireless internet access

Stereo system

Flat-screen TV (43") via satellite


Two spacious double bedrooms



Bathroom and a separate toilet


Sitting accommodation in and outside


Fully equipped kitchen with appliances in mint condition such as:

Dishwasher, fridge-freezer, stove and oven

Coffee maker, toaster, kettle, blender, etc


Even the most ambitioned cook will be delighted.



Electric heating, if it´s get cold in the winter


Washing machine

Bed linen

Towels, etc.





For inquiries and more information phone us at +49 1573 4766217 or +49 170 6934142 (or +49 2306 3730677 evening to 22:00 and at weekends) or send uns an e-mail. 

Good wine from the region nice place in la palma
Rest and plenty of space to relax